At no cost to you, Patient Advocate Foundation case managers are here to help address any roadblocks to access and affordability:

Reduce Financial Burden

• Find local, regional, and national resources for financial support and practical needs such as housing, utilities, transportation, and food

• Educational and emotional support resources

• Guide patients through eligible workplace protections such as FMLA and ADA

• Give assistance engaging, applying, and appealing workplace benefits including short-term and long-term disability

Enroll into Appropriate Insurance, Charity and Social Programs

• Provide eligibility, enrollment and appeal navigation into Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, Marketplace, and health insurance

• Evaluate eligibility and facilitate application to charity care and discount programs

Insurance Navigation

• Assistance such as benefit review, preauthorization, clinical appeals, billing and coding issues, out-of-network, second opinions and treatment decisions, and insurance plan interpretation

• Facilitate insurance appeals process for denied treatment and medications

You can reach the Hepatitis C CareLine team by calling (844) 737-6676.