Case Management Services

Patient Advocate Foundation is pleased to announce the expansion of its existing patient services division to include the addition of a patient/provider hotline, the Hepatitis C CareLine, designed to provide assistance to patients who have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C and are seeking education and access to care. The Hepatitis C CareLine is staffed by a team of clinical case managers with both nursing and social work background who provide individualized service to Hepatitis C patients, their caregivers and providers who are seeking information and/or assistance with the following:
  • Navigation through the reimbursement system, including initial interpretation of the patient's benefit language
  • Provide direct appeals assistance
  • Provide educational resources, including disease specific literature, managed care information and financial resource information
  • Provide referrals and linkage to appropriate educational resources
  • Provide clinical trials education and conduct clinical trials screening
  • Facilitate referrals to appropriate co-payment programs
  • Network patients to all known local, state and/or national resources for financial assistance
  • Provide case management services to uninsured patients, ensuring access to care and enrollment into Medicaid and/or charity care programs, when appropriate.
You can reach the Hepatitis C CareLine team by calling (844) 737- 6676.